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College News

Pegasus Players presented their fall production on November 9th and 10th in Dole Auditorium. This year they performed five short plays, each about ten minutes long, which allowed more students to participate and direct than in the past. The first play was Mission to Mars written by Professor Jeanne Beckwith and directed by Professor Helen Caudill with actors Brandon Kelly ‘14 and Ari Larson ‘14. Strangers on a Playground was directed by Michelle Wegner ’13 and acted by Kerry Gaspard ’14 and Stephanie Shatney ‘16. All in My Mind was directed by Wendy Wegner ‘14 and acted by Andrew Welch ‘14, Wilma Melton ‘16, and Gavin Navarro ‘15. Next was Ferris Wheel directed by Professor Jeanne Beckwith and acted by Savannah Lewis ’14 and David Jarry ‘16. The last play was He Wasn’t Dead Until After I Got There, directed by Andrew Welch ‘14, and acted by Emily Flinn ‘14, Charisse Hulse ‘14, Wendy Wegner ’14 and Alecia Nickerson ‘15. Professor Helen Caudill is the faculty advisor. (Thanks to Michelle Wegner ’13 for the article & photo)

Pegasus Players (left to right): Emily Flinn, Alecia Nickerson, Wendy Wegner, Charisse Hulse, Savannah Lewis, David Jarry, Andrew Welch, Wilma Melton, Gavin Navarro, Brandon Kelly, Stephanie Shatney, Kerry Gaspard, and Ari Larson

Norwich University showed the film The Invisible War in October, which focuses on retaliations and harassment against reporters of sexual assault in the military and the military’s failure to investigate. Director Kirby Dick was on campus for the screening and discussed the film with the audience after it was shown. He told Professor Wendy Fuller (Sociology) that, “it was the first time he’d been in a room after a screening to talk and there were more men than women listening and joining the conversation. He felt this said a lot about Norwich and the caliber of our student body.” The NU Office of Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations worked with Fuller and the administration to purchase the film and support the director’s visit. An article about the film, written by Norwich staff member Lisa Brucken, was published in Vermont Woman magazine at .

a href=””>The Spanish program´s annual celebration of El día de los muertos or The Day of the< Dead, took place on Nov. 2 in the Multipurpose Room of Kreitzberg Library where students, faculty and staff met to enjoy a feast of foods and a colorful display of a typical altar scene prepared by the Spanish faculty. The Day of the Dead is a mixture of native and Catholic traditions. In the Mexican perspective, death is a part of life in a cyclical process. Altars are created in the home to capture the essence of the departed one and pay homage to him or her. The cemeteries are cleaned and decorated and families hold overnight vigils. Music is played and families tell stories about their loved ones. People dance, sing, and picnic until dawn. Special thanks this year goes to the Linares family for the giant edible skull featured in the table setting. (photo by David Orrick)

Sarwar A. Kashmeri, a senior fellow with the Brent Scowcraft Center on International Security and a fellow with the Foreign Policy Association gave a lecture “To Be or Not to Be: The European Union’s Fort Sumter Moment” (A well rounded view of the US/EU relationship) on November 28.

Nursing students in Professor Karen Stewart’s EN 201P: World Literature class received a letter from Dr. Christopher Coppola, 2011 Colby Symposium guest and author of Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq. He wrote “I am very thankful that our nation has educated, compassionate, and dedicated young people who are willing to serve. They are going to do so much good for others who are in need… their training and integrity will not fail them when they need it. The biggest and most frightening step is making the commitment to serve… thank you for giving your efforts, time and power for the benefit of all of us. It is more than we could deserve or ask for, and it is what will keep America great”! He told the students that they may call or email him at any time. “We may have lots of pressure on our shoulders at times, but we are never completely alone.”

Psychology majors and faculty attended the Annual Scientific meeting of the Vermont Association for Psychoanalytic Studies (VAPS), at the Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT on November 3 featuring British Psychoanalyst, Ronald Britton.

Psychology majors & faculty (left to right): Dennis Alvarez, ’13, Rymonn Rodrigues, ’16, Austin Wright, ’13, Christie (Wells) Montminy, ’13, Jillian Phillips, ’13, Prof. John Meyer, Giavana Di Girono, ’14, Ryan Pavelka, ‘15, William Dana-Haskell, ’13, Sarah Chapman, ’15, Brian Caton, ’15, Randi Lowe, 14, Evan Peloquin, ’15, Corey Allen, ’15 Missing: Professors Mel Miller, Peter Burmeister, and William Ketterer

Student Achievements

Janidsa (Jay) Fuster ’14 conducted a one-hour workshop for Hannah Morvan’s first grade class at Northfield Elementary School as the final presentation for her Public Speaking course taught by Professor Kate Donley. Every year, the first grade does a year-long “Trip Around the World” unit, and Jay brought students to the Dominican Republic. Jay featured a slideshow of children’s daily life, a snack of homemade pastelitos or meat pies, and a chance to pound plantains in a traditional pilon. As a Criminal Justice major who wants to work with children, Jay was delighted with the audience of real kids. Mrs. Morvan said the event broadened her students’ global perspective, noting that “it is wonderful when we can make connections with Norwich that may lead these children to future learning and real travel!”

Ivana Batur, a Psychology senior, presented a summary of her Senior Thesis research at the Psychology Lunch Series on Nov 28. Ms. Batur, who will be graduating next month, spoke on the topic: “The Effect of Speed of Presentation and Facial distinctiveness on Visual Short Term Memory”. The Psychology Lunch Series is coordinated by Professor Peter Burmeister.

Faculty Achievements

Department of English and Communications

Jeanne Beckwith
– Has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the New England Theater Conference. She was a program participant at the 61st annual NETC in Natick, MA, October 25-28, serving on a panel discussion of “The Benefits of a Playwrights’ Forum.”
– Her 10-minute play A Lion in the Streets was performed as part of a weekend festival of 10-minute plays at Wakefield Memorial High School in Wakefield, MA, November 16-17.
– Her full-length play Opportunity of a Lifetime was presented in a staged reading by the Depot Theatre in Westport, NY, November 18th.

Ken Bush
– Was a guest speaker and panelist for the Franklin County Home Health Agency Hospice Volunteer Training on Nov. 5 in St. Albans, VT. The presentations and panel discussion were to educate potential and existing hospice volunteers on the spiritual/religious beliefs and customs of some of the area’s faith communities.

F. Brett Cox
– Attended the 61st annual New England Theater Conference, Natick, MA, October 25-28.
– Was a program participant at the 37th annual World Fantasy Convention, Toronto, Ontario, CA, November 1-4. He chaired a panel discussion on the topic of “Have the Antiquarians Served Their Purpose?” and gave a reading of his short story “The Amnesia Helmet.” The story is scheduled to be published in January 2013 in Eclipse Online.

Sean Prentiss
– Traveled to Melbourne, Australia, during Thanksgiving break to give a reading entitled “Learning to Be Quiet (in my creative nonfiction): Studying Location to Learn Volume” at Nonfiction Now. He also saw wild koalas and kangaroos.
– Had an essay, “Clarion, Pennsylvania,” accepted for publication at New Madrid Literary Journal.
– Had an essay, “The Wind Whispered,” an essay, accepted for publication at Arts and Letters PRIME.
– Had a magazine feature, “Mr. Kingsley’s OPUS,” published in Backcountry Magazine.
– Had a poem, “Hands and Fingers,” accepted for publication in the environmental literary journal, Camas.

Amy Woodbury Tease
– Attended the Modernist Studies Association Conference in Las Vegas, NV, in October. She presented a paper titled “Muriel Spark and Media Culture” as part of the seminar on Major Minor Modernism and moderated a panel focused on the intersections between research and pedagogy titled “What Are You Reading?”

Department of History and Political Science

Yangmo Ku
– Presented a paper entitled “Dealing with Apology/Compensation in Postwar Japan and Germany: Realism versus Transnational-Coalitional Model” and served as chair and discussant in a different panel named “Human Rights and Post-Conflict Peace-building” at the Northeastern Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Boston from Nov. 15-17.

Reina Pennington
-Was quoted in a story on Army record keeping, written by a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter: Field records from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, needed to document combat injuries, disability claims and the history of both wars were never kept, destroyed or lost. CBS Radio interviewed her on the subject on Veterans Day. PBS News, The Seattle Times and Stars and Stripes have also covered the story.

Steve Sodergren
– Spoke at the Nov. 7 Psychology Lunch Series on Soldier Morale and Military Justice in the Army of the Potomac, 1864.

School of Justice Studies and Sociology

Elizabeth Gurian, Travis Morris and David Orrick
– Attended the annual American Society of Criminology conference from Nov. 14-17 in Chicago. The theme for the meeting was Expanding the Core: Neglected Crimes, Groups, Causes and Policy Approaches.

Elizabeth Gurian
– Presented a paper titled “Explanations of mixed-sex partnered serial homicide: a review of psychological theories” at the annual American Society of Criminology Conference in Chicago.

Penny Shtull
– Co-authored “10 Steps for Managing Campus Special Events,” in Leadership Exchange: Solutions for Students Affairs Management (Fall 2012).

Stan Shernock
– Published “Gender and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Criminal Justice Decision Making in Intimate Partner Violence Cases” with Russell, Brenda in Partner Abuse, volume 3, number 4, pp. 501-530, Springer Publishing Company 2012.

Aimee Vieira
– Attended a panel at National Defense University in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 28 on “The Soldier and the Changing State” sponsored by the Center for Complex Operations and supported by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Department of Modern Languages

Gina Sherriff
– Attended the annual convention of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association in Boulder, Colorado in October, where she presented her paper “Franco’s Monsters: Childhood, Fantasy and Monstrosity in Pan’s Labyrinth and The Last Circus.” This paper was made possible through a Charles A. Dana Research Fellowship.

Department of Psychology and Education

Peter Burmeister
– Was interviewed about his new course, The Psychology of Happiness, Resiliency and Empowerment, by David W. Smith of the Office of Communications. The complete article can be found at

Diane Byrne and Seth Marineau
– Attended the Vermont Fest 2012 Educational Technology Conference at the Killington Grand on Nov. 9. This conference is the state’s leading conference for educators, which focused on 21st Century Learning, iPads in Schools, and Tools for Educators with a focus on creativity and innovation across the curriculum.

Alice Kitchel
– Spoke at the Nov. 14 Psychology Lunch Series on “Eliciting Open-mindedness: A Phenomenological Study of Acceptance of Same Gender Marriage by Vermont Residents.”

Kurt Peters
– Gave a talk at the 2012 Meeting of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology in Austin, TX, entitled “Taking control: Top-down influences on implicit cognition”.

Isabel Weinger Nielsen, editor

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