Writing Minor

Develop the Communication Skills to Succeed

The Department of English and Communications is excited to announce the creation of the writing minor. The writing minor offers students the opportunity to study persuasive writing, creative writing, journalism, environmental writing and writing in digital environments.

The sustained focus of the writing minor on skills that employers value in college graduates–skills like collaboration, creativity, problem solving, innovation, and new media literacy–prepare NU graduates for the tasks expected from today’s employers. As we move deeper into a world where fluency in writing is vital, and the connections between writing, technology, and creativity are integral to so many aspects of life, a writing minor at Norwich University greatly benefits students in their future personal and professional lives.

For the writing minor, students must complete, with a grade of ‘C’ or better, six courses: EN203 Advanced Composition, EN274 Intro to Creative Writing, either EN 362 Rhetorical Criticism or EN 364 Intermediate Creative Writing, and three additional writing electives listed in the course catalog.

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