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Major or minor in Chinese, expand your career horizons (PDF)

With a population of 1.3 billion and skyrocketing influence in the world’s economic and political stages, China is a vast and diverse world power.

There is an urgent need for business people, diplomats and military personnel who understand its language and culture, and a wealth of opportunities for graduates who do. The words, “I’m fluent in the Chinese language,” will open many doors.

At Norwich University, Chinese is a program with its sights set on the needs of our country’s future. Through dedicated and innovated classroom instruction, study-abroad opportunities and club activities, students become comfortable with the language and develop a nuanced understanding of the Chinese character through history, literature and cultural studies.

With twin goals of cultural competence and language proficiency, the bachelor’s program includes a four-year sequence of language plus courses in Chinese studies. Along the way, students enjoy public lectures, film screenings, plays, ethnic celebrations, concerts and excellent opportunities to travel and study overseas. On campus, a Chinese Club organizes cultural events to enrich the learning experience of students. The staff and faculty prepare graduates for the job markets of industry, diplomacy and the armed forces, as well as graduate school.

You may also choose a minor degree to enhance your major, or double major with International Studies in the History & Political Science Department. In all cases, learning Chinese opens up a fascinating new world of challenging study and opportunities.

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