Study Abroad – France

Qualifying Norwich cadets spend 15 weeks at the École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr in France, pursuing courses in French and in other subjects related to their major (taught in French).

Candidates for Study Abroad

Norwich cadets majoring in International Studies; Peace, War and Diplomacy; the sciences; business; computer sciences; information systems; Engineering; and Justice Studies who are interested in developing fluency in French and cross-cultural training with French military forces are especially encouraged to apply.

The Saint-Cyr Experience

Throughout the exchange experience, Saint-Cyr provides tutoring to Norwich cadets to assist them in note-taking and organizing study materials. Some of the courses at Saint-Cyr are custom-designed for NU cadets in order to address particular academic needs. NU cadets are also assigned Saint-Cyr roommates who act as mentors and facilitators to help them acclimatize to their new surroundings.

To Qualify for the Exchange Program

Students interested in participating in the exchange program with Saint-Cyr need to meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be a Norwich University student (Corps of Cadets or Civilian and a U.S. citizen) with a distinguished GPA; be physically fit; and obtain the recommendation of the Commandant’s/Dean of Students‘ Office.
  2. Study French at Norwich University (minimum: one course each semester) and pursue at minimum a minor in French with an overall average of at least "B."
  3. Attain a minimum proficiency level of "B" in written work at the 300-level.
  4. Demonstrate oral and aural proficiency in French, in French classes taught at Norwich and in interview sessions with Norwich professors of French sufficient to pursue study of course matter when taught entirely in the French language.
  5. Obtain a positive letter of recommendation from the chair of the Department of Modern Languages and the student’s professor(s) of French.
  6. Demonstrate an appreciation for the study of other cultures.
  7. Play an active role in the Norwich University French Club and French Table.
  8. Complete at minimum a 3-credit immersion program of study in France the summer or winter prior to the semester of the anticipated exchange at Saint-Cyr.
  9. Be willing to share his/her experience with other members of the Norwich University community upon return from the exchange experience by continuing the study of French in classes with other students and by participating in French Club and open house activities.

International Study Objectives

When Norwich students complete the program at St-Cyr, they are capable of using the French language in a variety of fields. Continued study of the language prior to graduation provides our students with the opportunity to develop a level of proficiency that is greatly needed in international peacekeeping and military operations with multinational forces as well as diverse civilian occupations. French is used in an official capacity in more than 40 countries around the globe, and this program offers another exciting and invaluable educational and career-building opportunity for current and future students.

More Information

For further information, contact Dr. Frances S. Chevalier, Norwich University Professor of French.

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