Language minors sample curriculum

This curriculum map is representative of the course of study for this program. For updated information, download the 2012/13 University Catalog.

Suggestions for Completing the minor in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish:

Pathway 1

For the student entering at the beginning level

First year
CN/FR/GR/SP 111-112 (6 credits/semester) The 100 level courses do not count toward the minor.
Second year
CN/FR/GR/SP 205-206 (3 credits/semester).
Third year
One 300-level course each semester (a second foreign-language course may be taken concurrently; check with your advisor for curriculum and scheduling requirements appropriate to your major).
Fourth year
One 300- or 400-level course each semester.

Pathway 2

For the student entering at the intermediate or advanced level

First year
CN/FR/GR/SP 205-206 or one 300-level course each semester.
Second year
One 300- or 400-level course each semester.
Third & Fourth year
At least two courses numbered 300 or above.

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