Foreign Language Placement Exam

Language Placement Exam instructions

  • Note: This is the password you enter to login to the exam site: cadets1 (lowercase and the numeral one)
  • We suggest that you either print this page or open the exam site in a separate browser tab or window so you have access to the instructions while you are on the exam site. (Remember: don’t use the browser’s back button when you are on the exam site. Use the exam site navigation to move through the site!)
  • Read these instructions before you visit the exam site!
  • Go to the site (link is below) and bookmark that page or copy and save the exam site url. You will need to return to the exam site after you complete the exam to log back into the site and view your results.
  • Choose your language from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in your name, ID, and email address. An easy ID to use is your date of birth: mm/dd/yyyy for 07/01/1985, for example. Write down the ID that you use. You will need it after you have completed the exam to log back it to the site and view your results.
  • Complete the survey.
  • Answer the Practice Question and press the “Submit Answer” button. The real test will start after you submit it your practice question answer.

Read the instructions and questions carefully. Instructions appear above each question.

  1. Decide which answer is correct.
  2. Click the corresponding letter.
  3. Press the “Submit Answer” button
  • Important: We repeat: Do not use the browser’s back button during the test or it will be interrupted and you will have to re-register.
  • To see and print your Results:
    1. Log back into the test.
    2. Complete the top part of the survey: Enter your name, ID and Email address.
    3. Press the Resume button.
  • Your results/score and placement will be displayed.

REMEMBER! IMPORTANT! Print your results page!

Here are the directions again:

  • Have the test results page showing in your browser window.
  • Click on the File menu item at the top of your browser and click ‘Print’ in the drop-down menu to print a copy of the placement exam results page.
  • Bring the results with you to campus in August.
  • It is important to do this in case there is a problem with the results not being reported to the Modern Languages Department correctly.

REMEMBER! IMPORTANT! Write down the ID that you use — you will need it to print your results.

Go to the Language Placement Exam site

Test-taking tips

This is a multiple choice test. The order of the questions does not necessarily proceed from easy to difficult. The more difficult questions may appear at the beginning of a test. Do not panic when you get a passage or sentence that appears difficult at first.

Try this strategy: Look for the vocabulary words that you recognize and read the question carefully to see what you are supposed to be looking for. You don’t always have to know all the words to eliminate possibilities.

Question instructions appear below the question box.

Importance of viewing the entire test page: You need to see the bottom of the window to be able to select your answer (a, b, c, or d).

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