Spanish major

Major, double-major or minor in Spanish, own the competitive edge (PDF)

Spoken not only in Spain, but in Central and South America and major cities throughout the United States, Spanish is native language to more than 500 million people worldwide. It is the second most natively spoken language, next to Mandarin Chinese.

A Spanish major appeals to students interested in careers in the military, international business, diplomacy, international relations, research and teaching.

All Spanish majors are strongly urged to combine their classroom study at Norwich with a summer or semester of study in an approved overseas program to a country where the target language is spoken, thus enabling them to experience language immersion and gain insight into Hispanic cultures and peoples. Norwich also offers a minor in Spanish.

Norwich has established ties with the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua, and runs regular service-learning trips for students in all academic programs.

To learn more, contact Norwich’s International Center.

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