Department of English and Communications – Fall 2017

Department of English and Communications – Fall 2017

Jeanne Beckwith

  • In August, was Artistic Director for the 10th Annual TenFest in Waitsfield, Vt.



Jeffry Casey

  • His article “The Many Afterlives of Matt Talbot: Contesting Irish Nationalisms in Thomas Kilroy’s Talbot’s Box” was published in the most recent issue of the theatre and performance journal Ecumenica.
  • His working article “Envisioning Islam Then and Now: Early US Theatre and Contemporary Islamophobic Interpretations of the ‘Barbary Wars’” will be part of the American Society for Theatre Research’s (ASTR) working session, “Arabs and Muslims: Problems, Methods and Strategies in Theatre and Performance Studies” at ASTR’s annual conference in Atlanta this November.

Brett Cox

  • Attended Shirley Jackson Day in North Bennington, Vt., in June and moderated the Q&A session after the author readings. 
  • At the Readercon Conference on Imaginative Literature, Quincy, Mass., in July, moderated a panel on “The Sensory Range of Horror,” participated in a panel on “Body Modification and Post-Humanism,” gave a reading of his short story “The Deep End” (see below) and, as vice-president of the Board of Directors for the Shirley Jackson Award, co-introduced the annual awards ceremony.
  • In August, his latest short story, “The Deep End,” was published in the anthology Submerged, edited by S.C. Butler and Joshua Palmatier.

Kate Donley

  • Has had an article, “A Doylean Evening with the Club Women of Granite City,” accepted by the Baker Street Journal. In it she investigates a turn-of-the-century women’s club in Barre, Vt., called the Philomathian Club. In January 1899 this group had a literary discussion about the fiction of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Fascinating primary sources were available in the Leahy Library including the group’s book of minutes, programs, photographs, letters, and papers.

Jessica Kuskey

Jessica Kuskey

  • Her essay “Teaching across Disciplines: Victorian Literature and Science,” was published in October 2017 in Teaching Victorian Literature in the Twenty-First Century: A Guide to Pedagogy, edited by Jen Cadwallader and Laurence Mazeno. The essay is based on a course that she recently taught at Norwich: EN 370: Victorian Literature and Science.
  • Her essay titled “The Working Body: Re-Forming the Factory Body,” was published in an essay forum on the topic of “Bodily States,” a recent issue of Victorian Review.

Jay Petrillo

  • Was recently appointed as a Policy Analyst representing Vermont in the National Council of Teachers of English Policy Analysis Initiative.
  • Had one of his photographs, “Boston, 2017,” accepted in the PhotoPlace Gallery juried exhibition, “iPhone Imagery.”



Sean Prentiss

  • Has published the following five essays:
    • “A Love Song to Wilderness.” Riverfeet Press Anthology. Livingston Montana, 2017.
    • “Enough.” Under the Sun Literary Magazine. Online. (2017).
    • “In These Last Days We Praise.” Under the Sun Literary Magazine. Online. (2017).
    • “These Weary Fingers.” Under the Sun Literary Magazine. Online. (2017).
    • “What I Learn about Cities During the Pause between Dusk and Dark.” Under the Sun. Online. (2017).
  • Has published the following three poems:
    • “Home/A Wild Edge.” Spillway Literary Journal.
    • “In the Hours Since You Left.” The Meadow Literary Journal. Print. 2017.
    • “When I See a Lone Goose I Think of You.” The Meadow Literary Journal. Print. 2017.
  • Has published the following two short stories.
    • “Before the Barn Burned.” Sou’wester. Print. (2017).
    • “What I Know about Quantum Physics.” Little Patuxent Review. Print. (2017).
  • Has published the following two articles.
    • “Review of Winterkill by Todd Davis.” Green Mountains Review. Print. (2017).
    • “The Act of Daily Living: An Interview on Fatherhood with Todd Davis.” Vermont Kids. Print. (2017).
  • Was the keynote nonfiction speaker at Writing the Rockies Conference in Colorado in July.
  • Moderated a panel entitled “Ecologies and Place” at Nonfiction Now in Reykjavik, Iceland, in June 2017.

Prof. Lea Williams

Lea Williams

  • Has been appointed to a second three-year term as Faculty Development Coordinator at Norwich University.
  • Presented a paper, “The Intersections of Biography and Nursing History,” at the 34th Annual American Association for the History of Nursing Conference in Rochester, N.Y., Sept. 7-9, 2017.



Amy Woodbury Tease

  • Her essay “Watching House of Cards in the Age of Donald Trump” was published in the Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Salmagundi Magazine.