Norwich Television Looks toward the Future

Norwich Television Looks toward the Future

By Jim Black ’17

At Norwich Television, big changes are happening all around. 2017 was a fantastic year and we plan to continue with our progress. Norwich Television has always tried to be ahead of the curve and offer the very best in equipment to properly prepare students for the high-tech and ever-changing world of video production. The challenges we are facing this year include upgrading to the new industry standard of 4k resolution. Walk into any Costco, Best Buy, Target, and you will see televisions that offer 4k UHD. It is becoming more standard as the technology gets cheaper, and with that, the price of cameras and 4k equipment is also dropping. Therefore, now is the perfect time to invest in new gear, which is part of a restructuring of the Norwich Television Studios that Professor Bill Estill is leading.

Video production has changed over the years to include filming that is not so traditional. The normal point and shoot from a tripod can be supplemented with stabilizers and gimbals such as the DJI Ronin, MOVI, and Steadicam. The sky is no longer the limit at Norwich Television. With our new drone videography, we have an eye in the sky and can show the splendor of Norwich like never seen before. It also makes it easier to view construction going on at the school.

With the outstanding success of the NUTV drone we will also be adding another one to our fleet to introduce into our more senior television production classes. We plan to continue this upgrade and eventually have all our cameras replaced with those offering 4k resolution. We are also planning two long-term projects which will be announced in due time. From all of us at Norwich Television and the college of communications, we would like to thank you for your support and wish our alumni the very best.

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