School of Justice Studies and Sociology – Winter 2018

School of Justice Studies and Sociology – Winter 2018

Elizabeth Gurian

  • Presented “Comparing Partnered Serial and Mass Murderers: An Examination of Offending Patterns, Theoretical Explanations, and Adjudications/Outcomes” at the American Society of Criminology in Philadelphia, Pa., in November, 2017.
  • Received an Apprentice Grant with Liam McKelvey ’19 to work on “Multicide: understanding serial and mass murder through theoretical explanations, offending patterns, and outcomes.”

Stan Shernock

  • Will chair a panel session on “Student Research: Innovations in Crime Control” at the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in New Orleans on February 16.




Penny Shtull

  • Presented “Murder and Multicide: A Primer,” as an invited guest speaker of the St. James Literary Society (For the Social and Cerebral Since 1898) in Montreal, Canada, on September 26, 2017.
  • Participated in the Northeastern University Atypical Homicide Research Group Meeting & Training (By Invitation Only) at Boston College on October 13, 2017.
  • Presented “The Las Vegas Shooting: Classic Indicators of a Mass Murderer,” at the Boston College Homicide Forum, on October 14, 2017.
  • Interviewed on Channel 3 WCAX Television News (live, online, and in print) “Evidence Video Shows Jody Herring Before, After Murders,” November 27 and 28, 2017.

Aimee Vieira

  • Gave a Charles A. Dana I talk, “Rural Realities and Discourses on the Rural” on November 3, 2017, in the Kreitzberg Library.