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College News

Kreitzberg Library entranceThe 10th Annual Faculty Scholarship Celebration was held Oct 22-26 in the Kreitzberg Library Multipurpose Room. Professors did presentations on their current research or reading from their creative works.(photos by David Orrick)

“Buying a House”: a Creative Nonfiction Reading; Presentation by Professor Sean Prentiss

  “Visualized Text: An Approach to Reading Chinese Literature”; Presentation by Professor Xiaoping Song

“On Chinese Classic Novel Jin Pin Mei”; Presentation by Professor Lingyi Hu

  “Literary Women across Cultures and Continents:A Roundtable of Works in Progress”;Presentation by Professors Kathleen McDonald, Lea Williams, Patty Ferreira, and Amy Woodbury-Tease

Dean Andrea Talentino talks with student Andrew Roberts ’15 about his comparison of the Shirtwaist Factory Fire and 9/11 loss of life tragedies at the Faculty Scholarship Celebration. Prof Rowly Brucken mentored the project.

Dean Andrea Talentino talks with student Andrew Roberts ’15 about his comparison of the Shirtwaist Factory Fire and 9/11 loss of life tragedies at the Faculty Scholarship Celebration. Prof Rowly Brucken mentored the project.

Ebenezer AkwangaEbenezer Akwanga, a 2011 Master in Diplomacy graduate gave a public lecture on “Human Rights in Africa” on October 2. He also spoke to several classes, including International Relations, World Literature, French and the Honors Seminar on Citizenship. Mr. Akwanga is a co-founder and chairman of the Southern Cameroonian Youth League which advocates on behalf of the persecuted English-speaking minority in Cameroon. In 1997 he was arrested for his activism and sentenced to prison where he experienced tremendous hardship including torture. He escaped and fled to the United States and successfully sued the Cameroonian government before the United Nations Human Rights Committee. He told an English Composition class “I hope at the end of the day when I leave here something may be different in your thinking. Deep in my heart I am happy for what I did. I paid the price for it.” (from an interview with David W. Smith, staff; photo by Jordan Silverman)

Hoplite battle simulation on the UPSeveral history classes studying the ancient Greeks and military history conducted a simulation of a hoplite battle on Oct. 3 on the Upper Parade Ground. Students in HI 362 Ancient Greek Society and War took the lead in training their fellow students in battle tactics before the two phalanxes collided in battle. Prof Christine McCann helped organize the event (photo by Christine McCann).

Welcome reception for new SJSS studentsOn Sept 26, The School of Justice Studies and Sociology hosted a welcome reception for 130 freshmen and new transfer students to welcome them to the program. In addition to a talk by Professor Stan Shernock, Director, the students met the Criminal Justice and Sociology faculty. Also on hand were representatives from the International Center, Internship Program and Career Development Center to explain the variety of programs and academic support at Norwich.(photo by David Orrick)

Students at Vermont Public Radio studioProfessor Doug Smith took his CM 211 Broadcasting Techniques class to visit radio and television stations in the greater Burlington, VT area on Oct 15. The students toured 95 Triple-X/WVMT AM and Vermont Public Radio and watched newscasts from studio seats at WCAX-TV. Students pictured are: plaid shirt: Evan Carey, Meredith Lewandowski (closest to the camera), Kerry Gaspard (seated), Dante Stumpo (gray sweatshirt), VPR Production Audio Engineer John Billingsley; Jake Esbjerg looking down; photo by Doug Smith).

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Department of Modern Languages and Student Activities hosted the Tami Tango Trio on Oct 15 & 15. They presented a concert, spoke to classes and gave tango lessons.

New this semester: The College of Liberal Arts holds a monthly coffee hour for students, faculty and staff within the college to meet and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere.

Faculty Achievements

School of Justice Studies and Sociology

David Orrick

-On Oct 24 presented “Raging Bulls, Lamborghinis and the DSM: Towards an explanation of Road Rage” at the Psychology Lunch Series.

Elizabeth Gurian

-Gave a presentation on “Lawyers’ Perceptions of Homicide Offenders” at the Psychology Lunch Series on Oct 3.

Penny Shtull

Co-authored with Gary Margolis “The Police Response to Mental Illness on Campus” in Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, 26:307–321, 2012.

– Gave a presentation at the National Social Sciences Association Professional Development Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico entitled “Sex Trafficking: A Primer” in October.

Wendy Fuller

-Gave a presentation on “Eviction Notices or Optimal Tenancy? The Leave-Taking Imperative and the Perception of Choice Among the Academically High Achieving” on Oct. 10 at the Psychology Lunch Series.

Kurt Peters

-On Oct 17 gave a presentation on “Taking Control: Top Down Influences on Implicit Social Cognition” at the Psychology Lunch Series.

Department of English and Communications

Patti Ferreira, Kathleen McDonald, Lea Williams and Amy Woodbury Tease

-Presented “Literary Women across Cultures and Continents: A Roundtable of Works in Progress” at the Faculty Scholarship Celebration on Oct 25.

Sean Prentiss

-Gave a multi-genre reading (creative essay, poetry, magazine writing) on Oct 25 at Sterling College in Craftsbury Commons.

-Recently published at Brevity Literary Magazine:

A short creative essay:

A short book review:

-Presented “A Cabin, a Woods, a Mountain”: a Creative Nonfiction Reading at the Faculty Scholarship Celebration on Oct 23.

Department of History and Political Science

Rowly Brucken

Will deliver a paper entitled “How Historians and Lawyers Can Partner for Human Rights” at the Third International Conference on Human Rights Education in December in Krakow, Poland. He received of a Chase International Travel Grant for the trip.

– In mid-September, the editorial board of Northern Illinois University Press unanimously approved the publication of his book, “A Most Uncertain Crusade: The United States, the United Nations, and Human Rights, 1941-1953.” Publication is expected late summer of 2013.

Jill Mudgett

-Co-authored with Brian L. Bixby, “Daniel Pierce Thomspon and “The Shaker Lovers”: Portraying the Shakers in Fiction and on the Stage” American Communal Societies Quarterly, Spring 2012.

-Authored the “Vermont” entry in the just-published America Goes Green ABC-CLIO, 2012

-Most recent Vermont Public Radio commentary on the history of Vermont attitudes about the Tunbridge Fair, Sept. 2012

-Will give an invited talk on New England writer Seba Smith as part of the First Wednesdays Speakers’ Series, Pejepscot Historical Society, Brunswick, Maine, Dec. 2012

-Will present a paper on mountain identity at Thinking Mountains conference, Dec. 2012

Steven Sodergren

-On Sept. 19th gave a presentation in the Sullivan Museum as part of their “Norwich in the Civil War” series entitled “’It Will Shake the Nation’: Union Soldiers’ Perspectives on Emancipation.”

-This past May led a group of 5 Norwich students on a staff ride to the Civil War battlefields around Richmond, Virginia. This was part of a summer class entitled HI260: The Peninsula Campaign of 1862. (photos by Steven Sodergren)

Students at Cold Harbor battlefield

Cold Harbor, L to R: Paul Dolan, Andrew Welch, Clayton Feiler, Patrick O’Brien, Jacob Cortez

Fortress Monroe, L to R: Jacob Cortez, Clayton Feiler, Paul Dolan, Patrick O’Brien, Andrew Welch

Fortress Monroe, L to R: Jacob Cortez, Clayton Feiler, Paul Dolan, Patrick O’Brien, Andrew Welch

Raymond Zirblis

-Gave a lecture on “Slavery & Emancipation in Northern New England” as part of the Lunch ‘n’ Learn Series at the Sullivan Museum.

Department of Modern Languages

Lingyi Hu

-Presented “On Chinese Classic Novel Jin Pin Mei” at the Faculty Scholarship Celebration on Oct 23.

Xiaoping Song

-Presented “Visualized Text: An Approach to Reading Chinese Literature” at the Faculty Scholarship Celebration on Oct 23.

 Department of Psychology and Teacher Education

Peter Burmeister

-Organizes the weekly Psychology Lunch Series, offering students, faculty and staff the opportunity to hear “psychology oriented” presentations by Norwich faculty.

-On Oct 31, presented “Kokoschka on my Mind: Depth Psychology and Visual Art” at the Psychology Lunch Series.

Diane Byrne

-Attended a one day Literacy Leadership Initiative Conference at Vermont College on Sept 12 entitled “Written Response to Reading and The Common Core”.

-Hosted Principal Timothy Crowley of Barre Town Elementary School for ED 234 Teaching and Learning Strategies Class on Sept 18.

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