America’s Tomorrow

Exploring US Leadership in the 21st Century

These podcast interviews are sponsored by Norwich University’s Peace and War Center to explore US Leadership in the 21st Century through the eyes of national leaders, including the 2016 presidential candidates. The project host is Sarwar Kashmeri, Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Research Fellow, Peace & War Center.

Mr. David Merker ’81 is Director of Nuclear Treaty Monitoring, Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC), Patrick Air Force Base, FL and a member of the Senior Executive Service.

Recently, Mr. Merker visited Norwich University and reflects to Shane Haughey, a political science major, Class of 2018, that Norwich is an invaluable leadership laboratory. It’s citizen-soldier concept taught him the value of being superbly educated and being part of something bigger than oneself.
Sound recording engineer and editor: Mickey Walbridge, Computer Science Major, Class of 2017.

Brig Gen Peter J. Lambert, USAF, ’88 is the Director, Intelligence, Headquarters Air Combat Command, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA

Brig Gen Lambert advises Zachary Gibson, CSIA Major, Class of 2018, that learning leadership is the bread and butter at Norwich, but the camaraderie and friendships you will develop are the highlight of being a student here. “I’ve run into my fellow students and Norwich graduates everywhere throughout my career.” Lambert fondly remembers Norwich’s highly rated Russian language program that set a high bar for leadership during the Cold War.
Sound recording engineer and editor: Sonja Jordan, Communications Major, Class of 2019

RDML Daniel J. MacDonnell, USN ‘85, Commander Naval Information Force Reserve, Reserve Deputy Commander, Naval Information Forces

RDML MacDonnell tells Liam Wilber, Criminal Justice Major, Class of 2017, that it is easy to lead highly motivated people, but the challenge is always to bring people at all levels to feel and act as leaders. “I always try to engage them at their level, and focus on what they bring to the team, which is where the Norwich experience was invaluable for my career.”

Sound engineer and editor: Sonja Jordan, Communications Major, Class of 2019

Lt Gen Michael Dubie, USAF (Ret.), M’99, President, Revision Military Technologies, Former Deputy Commander, U.S. Northern Command (NORAD)

Lt Gen Dubie speaks with Duncan Miller, Political Science & Spanish Major, Class of 2017, about leadership, based on his 30+ years of service in the United States Air Force. “Norwich graduates today cannot even imagine where their careers will take them and the kind of people they will command,” he tells Millar. “Leadership is an analog sport; by that I mean it is a one-on-one with people…especially in today’s social media world, that is important to keep in mind,” says Lt Gen Dubie.

Sound recording engineer & editor: Sonja Jordan, Communications Major, Class of 2019.

BG Jeffrey A. Farnsworth, USA, ‘86, Director of Army Safety and Commanding General U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center

BG Farnsworth tells Shane Haughey, Political Science Major, Class for 2018, that Army values and Norwich values are completely aligned. That sets everybody on the course to, and is a great breeding ground for, military leadership. “I wasn’t an exceptional student,” BG Farnsworth shares with Haughey, “so I had to work harder and make tough choices about how may activities I could manage at Norwich. But that taught me to persevere, and hone my tenacity and my drive to get to my objectives in the face of adversity.”

Sound recording engineer and editor: Sonja Jordan, Communications Major, Class of 2019

In conversation with Nancy Lindborg, President of the United States Institute of Peace

Nancy LindborgNancy Lindborg has served since February 2015 as the President of the United States Institute of Peace, an independent institution founded by Congress to provide practical solutions for preventing and resolving violent conflict around the world. She has spent most of her career working in fragile and conflict-affected regions around the world. Ms. Lindborg also gave the keynote address at Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies 2016 Residency Conference.

In conversation with LTG H. R. McMaster

LTG McMasterA conversation with Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, Director, U.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center & Deputy Commanding General, Futures, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command comprises the fourth podcast in the “America’s Tomorrow,” leadership series. LTG McMaster is the very epitome of a leader. He is a highly acclaimed tactical and strategic Army officer, scholar, historian, and communicator. In his Peace and War Center interview he describes the skills that will be necessary for military leadership in the future, when battles will be fought against enemies that want to wantonly destroy with acts of barbarity and terrorism and how to combat these enemies without sinking to their level is part of the future of the U.S. Army, a future that General McMaster is charged with defining in his present position. He points to the high level of cross-cultural skills that will be required, and especially, empathy for others. Listen to the Peace and War Center’s interview with General McMaster.

In conversation with GEN Gordon R. Sullivan, USA (Ret.) ’59

GEN Gordon R. Sullivan, USA (Ret.) Ô59GEN Gordon R. Sullivan served as the 32nd Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army and serves as chair of Norwich University’s Board of Trustees. He is also president and CEO of the Association of the United States Army.

In conversation with Brigadier General Pete Gallagher

Director of Command and Control, Communications and Computer Systems, United States Central Command.

Brigadier General Pete Gallagher

Brigadier General Pete Gallagher

This, the second podcast in the series, is a conversation with Brigadier General Pete Gallagher, Director of Command and Control, Communications and Computer Systems, United States Central Command (CENTCOM, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. He is a leader in the military’s increasingly digital footprint. And responsible for the implementation and management of the global communications and computer networks for the United States Central Command headquarters, an area of responsibility which, crucially, includes the battlespaces of the Middle East and Afghanistan. Will the increasingly cyber driven military of the future mean fewer soldiers? How does the U.S. coordinate all of its cyber-commands? How should Norwich University students better prepare for the cyber-military of tomorrow? Listen to the Peace and War Center’s interview with General Gallagher.

In conversation with Major General Peggy Combs

Commanding General, US Army Cadet Command.

Major General Peggy Combs

Major General Peggy Combs

This interview marks the launch of this important project. MG Combs, who spoke to Norwich from her offices in Fort Knox, Ky., supervises over 1,000 ROTC programs at campuses around the country. She was selected to launch these Leadership podcasts because Norwich is where ROTC began 100 years ago. Two-thirds of the Army’s commissioned officers come from the country’s ROTC programs, and among MG Combs’s responsibilities is tailoring ROTC for the next century.

The Peace and War Center (PAWC) will aim to sponsor audio-podcast-interviews with all the candidates for President of the United States in the 2016 elections. The 15- to 20-minute podcasts, tentatively scheduled to be recorded from October through December 2015, will be available through the center’s website. The project’s “US Leadership in the 21st Century,” title reflects a core value of the University and will give each candidate a non-partisan opportunity to define themselves and their presidential agenda through the frame of “leadership”, used broadly to include domestic, economic, environmental, national security, and foreign policy leadeership.

Because the time investment from each candidate to participate in these interviews will be minimal—a maximum of 15-20 minutes—the interviews offer a uniquely effective return on time-investment for the candidates’ busy campaign schedules. To make it even easier for the candidates, the interviews will be done over an office telephone line, without the need to travel to a recording studio.

The podcasts will be distributed in partnership with Vermont Public Radio using Apple’s iTunes podcast network and from the websites of Norwich’s PAWC, the Foreign Policy Association, Vermont Public Radio, and other media channels. The podcasts offer each candidate a non-partisan platform in the proximity of New Hampshire, which holds the nation’s first presidential primary.

Unique Proposition

Founded in 1819 by Army Captain Alden Partridge, Norwich University is the oldest private military college in the country, is one of the nation’s six senior military colleges, and is the birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Norwich offers over 30 different undergraduate degrees, along with programs for online master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and certificates. Founded upon the mission of educating citizen-soldiers, Norwich has produced generations of leaders for America in a wide range of disciplines including business, history, and a host of professional services such as engineering, surveying, and medicine. This history and tradition continues, and the NU students of today are training to be the leaders of tomorrow.

This project intends to harness the University’s core strength through a series of workshops and for-credit class discussions in which students will help frame the interviews and assist the interviewer by generating questions that should be posed to the candidates. The interviews therefore offer each candidate an opportunity to directly address questions that are on the minds of scores of young voters who are future leaders of the United States, their families and their friends.

Project Director and Interviewer

Project Director Sarwar Kashmeri, a long-term Independent, is adjunct professor of Political Science at Norwich University and a fellow of the Foreign Policy Association. He is known for the national security/foreign policy interviews he has conducted for the Foreign Policy Association and the Atlantic Council, where he served a four-year term as a senior fellow at the Brent Scowcroft Center for International Security. Prof. Kashmeri has served as a strategic communications advisor for some of the leading international companies in the world and speaks frequently before business and military audiences. A former international businessman, he brings a global perspective to his work in US foreign policy and national security strategy. In October 2014, Kashmeri organized and chaired Norwich University’s Peace and War Center’s first national conference on US Grand Strategy and Leadership. He is the author of two books and a regular columnist for US News & World Report and the Huffington Post

Scheduling Interviews

Norwich University will contact each candidate’s campaign organization beginning early September 2015 to schedule interviews. Alternatively, the campaigns can contact the project director’s office and speak with Doreen Magoon, (802) 485-2360 or, to schedule a time for their candidate.