ISIS: Terrorism’s Tomorrow?

Eduardo Ramirez ’16

040416_ Terrorism Tomorrow -ISIS and Beyond-6

Recently, the recently launched Norwich University Peace and War Center hosted a panel discussion entitled “ISIS: Terrorism’s Tomorrow?” in which an expert panel discussed the challenge the United States faces  in dealing with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, commonly known as ISIS.

Norwich Students, faculty, and members of the surrounding community filled the Cabot 085 lecture hall to participate in the event. The panel was hosted and moderated by Norwich Adjunct Professor Sarwar Kashmeri.  The Panel included Norwich Professors Dr. Travis Morris and Dr. Carole Bandy, Norwich student Eduardo Ramirez, and special guest Dr. William Dean a professor from the Air Command and Staff College.  Each panelist provided a different view for the panel. Dr. Morris among many points, focused on ISIS’ use of information warfare and free space. Dr. Bandy spoke of the psychological component of ISIS, and what factors would motivate someone to join ISIS. Dr. Dean focused on the phenomena of brutality within groups like ISIS. Lastly, Mr. Ramirez spoke of the important role culture plays in the struggle against ISIS.

Each panelist opened with a five minute introduction, the event then moved into a question and answer section that allowed the audience to engage with the panelists. Professor Kashmeri opened with a question concerning whether ISIS posed an existential threat to the United States. Following his question, students, faculty, and community members took turns addressing members of the panel with questions. The diverse questions challenged every panelist and made for a very lively and intellectual conversation that was conducted in a civil and professional manner.

This panel allowed for Norwich students, staff, and surrounding community members to not only be present for a conversation on terrorism, it allowed them to be part of the conversation as well.