Professor Miri Kim and Yangmo Ku Introduce the “China Question” for NU Students


By Sarwar Kashmeri

The rivalry between the United States and China is potentially the most important geopolitical issue facing American policymakers today. Over the past 500 years, 12 of 16 geopolitical confrontations between an existing power and its fast-growing rival have ended in war, including Germany and Britain who collided in WWI in spite of their large commercial relations. When war was avoided, it required huge, painful adjustments in attitudes and actions from both the challenger and the challenged.

Will the U.S. manage to accommodate a rising China as Beijing seeks to expand its influence in the Asia-Pacific region and in particular in the South China Sea?

The Foreign Policy Association recently asked PAWC Applied Research Fellow, Professor Sarwar Kashmeri, to interview 6 experts and create a virtual roundtable of podcasts to help find answers to this vital issue in international relations.

The Peace & War Center has now askedĀ  NU China experts, Professors Miri Kim and Yangmo Ku, to introduce the FPA series to NU students. Listen to their podcast interview.