ROSOKA, Linguistic Analysis Software Donated to Norwich

Left to right: Ali Shahidy ’17, Tyler Simmons ’17, Gordon Winget ’17 Photo Credit: Kate Alberghini

By: Isabel Weinger Nielsen

Norwich University, in partnership with NUARI, would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Norwich alum Bernie Carpenter ’65 and his friends at Rosoka Software, Inc. for their generous in-kind gift of Rosoka software licenses for use in the classroom. The software was set up by Tom Paulger, NUARI Cyber Security Analyst.

Rosoka Software offers solutions that provide the power to unlock large volumes of information from any multilingual source. It can determine the relevance and relationship of the data, and deliver value specific results on any platform, application or device.

Students in Travis Morris’ Homeland Security class were given an assignment to analyze the magazine DABIQ, an ISIS online English publication. They worked in six teams of three and used the software to do qualitative and quantitative analysis of an entire issue. The team who gave the best report on their project was made up of Ali Shahidy ’17, Tyler Simmons ’17, and Gordon Winget ’17. Some of this information was forwarded to an analyst in the US intelligence community.

Tyler said, “Our group broke up the reading by splitting it into sections; everyone read a third of the issue. My third focused primarily on explaining why the radical Islamic state hates and fights the West, or anyone that does not follow their specific religion, along with denouncing other religions, especially Christianity.

Gordon added, “I used Rosoka primarily for looking at the frequency that words, phrases, or names were used. Using the frequency tool is how we found the top five people of interest in our article, we took this information and linked it back to content in the magazine to show why they were of importance. Furthermore, I used it to show relationships between certain words and phrases; while doing this we were able to generate an image that showed the word we were looking for and other words it was linked to throughout the article.”

Ali summed it up this way, “As a team, our job was to analyze the ISIS magazine from a terrorism studies perspective. We split the magazine chapters into three parts and each team member was tasked to analyze his own section according to the instructions that were provided by professor Morris. As an Afghan and Muslim, I sometimes used my Islamic knowledge, or historical understanding of Islam to interpret and analyze ISIS propaganda. Our team met regularly to discuss our analysis, and incorporated our answers into a final paper. In completing the task, we extensively used the propaganda analysis skills and knowledge of terrorism studies that we learned in the class.”

President and CEO of Rosoka, Greg Roberts, wrote, “We at Rosoka Software have always made it our policy to pay it forward where we could.  The young citizen soldiers at NU provided just such an opportunity.  We could see that they, through Dr. Morris, had some interesting use cases that needed to be explored.  We wanted to ensure that these young minds had the tools available to them.”