Psychology minor

The Department of Psychology offers five minor programs to help tailor your degree to specific goals.

  • Engineering Psychology: For engineering and architecture majors, this minor provides a formal and intuitive understanding of how human beings process information and solve everyday problems, impacting improvements in technology, consumer productions, energy systems, communications, decision-making and loving environments.
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology: For international studies and communications majors, and those interested in pre law, pre med, languages, teaching and world globalization, this minor provides a formal and intuitive understanding of culture’s influence on social behavior, perception, cognition and education.
  • Forensic Psychology: For criminal justice majors, this minor provides a formal and intuitive understanding of the applications and practices of psychology in civil and criminal justice systems. It further broadens students’ experiences by exposing them to related careers (e.g., providing courtroom testimony, conducting child custody evaluations, screening and helping select law-enforcement candidates, and providing clinical services to offenders and staff in correctional facilities).
  • Political Psychology: For political science majors and students in business, education, communications, law and nursing, this minor provides an understanding of the causes of political behavior by co-workers, family members, voters, lawmakers, political parties, international organizations, and local and national governments.
  • General Psychology: A minor in general psychology may be earned in all degree programs by completing at least six courses selected from a broad menu of offerings.

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