Sample Curriculum

This curriculum map is representative of the course of study for this program. For updated information, download the 2012/13 University Catalog.

Minor in Sociology:

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  • SO201 Introduction to Sociology
  • SO/CJ 209 Methods of Social Science Research or one of the following social science methodology courses: HI109, PO220, PY313, or PY314
  • SO202 Problems of Modern Society
  • SO212 Cultural Anthropology or SO214 Racial & Cultural Minorities
  • Two elective courses (or 6 degree credits) from other offerings in sociology, including the SO300 Selected Topics, SO212 or SO214 not used in the above selection, other than SO/CJ209 – sociology cross-listed courses must be taken under the SO number to apply to the minor.

CJ majors pursuing a Sociology minor cannot count cross-listed courses other than CJ/SO209 for both major and minor.

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