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School Highlights                               

 The last meeting of the School of Social Sciences (rest in peace) was held on May 1, 2012 with a cake, gifts and a tribute to Tom Taylor, who has been Dean of the School of Social Sciences for 10 years and has taught History at Norwich since 1980. Tom will take an independent study leave during Fall 2012 and return to teaching History in Spring 2013.


Jim Ryan, Professor of Criminal Justice, is retiring after 15 years of teaching and received the first annual Norwich Citizen-Soldier award, presented by John Dulmage ’12 on May 1.



Congratulations and best wishes to Tom and Jim!


School of Social Sciences Faculty & Staff, May 1, 2012


L-Gen. Romeo Dallaire (Ret.) international champion of human rights, award-winning author, leader and Commander of the 1994 U.N. Assistance Mission for Rwanda was the speaker for the Todd Lecture sponsored by the School of Social Sciences on March 26. Nine hundred students, faculty and staff were riveted by the General’s account of how his own experiences represent the challenges faced by the contemporary military in terms of leadership, education, and its ever evolving role.


The 5th Annual CSI Symposium: the Real Crime Scene Investigation: a Cross-Disciplined Approach was held in Dole Auditorium on March 22-23. Norwich students, faculty and staff attended and were joined by local high school students and community members. NY State Police Investigator Rob Appleton ’92 helped organize the event. Guest speakers and topics included Sgt Detective Daniel Duff and Lt Detective Robert Merner (Boston Police) on the Craigslist Killer; Special Agent Gary Hoover ’92 (FBI) on FBI Investigations; Scott Mills (Crime Stoppers International )on Social Media Investigations; and members of the NY State Police: Investigator George MacLarty on Crime Scene Processing and Investigation, Dr. Richard Ovens (ret.) on Forensic Interview and Interrogation, Senior Investigator Gary Kelly on Child Abductions and James Kennedy on Video Enhancement and Digital Media. The event was jointly sponsored by the School of Social Sciences and the School of Mathematics & Sciences.

Pi Gamma Mu, the international Social Sciences Honor Society inducted 16 new members in May.

  Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society inducted 19 students on May 7: Matthew Corneau, Lily Erickson, Giorgio Bonadiman, Paul Putney, Jr., Brian Strohmaier, Dustin Shimkus, Matthew Marcella, Drew Paulson, Nathan Driscol, Samuel Lieber, Spencer McCoy, Kyle Rau, Alina Wright, Rebekah Bernheim, Ian Smith, Bradbury Hudson, Dawson Allen, Katie Hathaway, and Caroline Thomas.


Phi Alpha Theta, May 7, 2012


Student Achievements

C/1SG Dustin Michael Shimkus ’13, a 21 year old History major from Collinsville, IL has been selected to serve as the Regimantal Commander of the Norwich Corps of Cadets for 2012-13. He matriculated to Norwich in 2009 with a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship and holds a 3.8 GPA. Congratulations!

A Celebration of Student Scholarship was held April 30-May 4 at the Kreitzberg Library to recognize student research at Norwich. The following projects from the School of Social Sciences were presented (student name followed by faculty mentor name) and the 2012 Student Research Fellowship recipients were announced:

Department of History & Political Science:

Matt Bates ’12 (Dr. Steven Sodergren): The Superior South or an Egotistical Aristocracy

Anna Bressor ‘12, NU Summer Research Fellow 2011 (Dr. Emily F. Gray): Female Monarchical Marriages in Sixteenth Century England

Stephanie A. Dorian ‘12, Weintz Summer Research Fellow 2011 (Dr. Emily F. Gray): Prosecuting Women as Witches: Haunted by the Sins of Eve?

Quentin Gillilland ‘14, NU Summer Research Fellow 2011 (Dr. Gary T. Lord): Alden Partridge and West Point: Sour Grapes or Ideology?

Mark McCord, ’13, NU Summer Research Fellow 2011 (Dr. Gary T. Lord): Alden Partridge and Militia Conventions: 1828-1845

John Morfogen ‘14, NU Research Fellow 2012 (Dr. Jack Hayes): Analysis of Leadership in Chinese Communism, early 1920’s: Prominent Intellectuals, Who Came to Power and Leadership Stance of Today

Fernando Rincon ’13 (Dr. Jason Jagemann): The Elements of Public Opinion toward Government Spending. He presented his senior seminar research at the Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences 2012 Intercollegiate Student Symposium at Marlboro College in April.

Andrew Roberts ‘15, NU Research Fellow 2012 (Dr. Rowland Brucken): The Value of Life: Analysis of Compensation Funds for Victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and September 11th Terrorist Tracks on the World Trade Center

Dustin Shimkus ‘13, NU Research Fellow 2012 (Dr. Gary Lord): History of Norwich University Baseball: 1860-1942

Caroline Thomas ‘15, Weintz Research Fellow 2012 (Dr. Gary Lord): Leonard Wood and Norwich University: Inspiration for Reserve Officer Training Corps 

T. Andrew Todd ‘15, NU Summer Research Fellow 2011 (Dr. Rowland Brucken): An Eye Still Gazes toward Zion: The Israeli-Gaza Conflict of 2008

Ryan Van Noordt ’12 (Dr. Jason Jagemann): Confidence in the Military. He presented his senior seminar research at the Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences 2012 Intercollegiate Student Symposium at Marlboro College in April.

Department of Justice Studies and Sociology:

Christopher Bock ‘14, Weintz Research Fellow 2012 (Dr. W. Travis Morris): Mexican Drug Cartels: Should They be Labeled a Foregin Terrorist Organization?

Mary Seaburg ‘13, Weintz Research Fellow 2012 (Dr. Wendy Fuller): Exclusion of Racial Cultural Minorities in Mass Media Reports of Missing Children

Department of Psychology and Education:

Emily Bean ‘12 (Dr. Carole Bandy): The Effect of Life Stress on an Athletic Injury Occurrence, Injury, Injury Severity and Illness

Emily Button ’12 (Dr. Carole Bandy): Ethnic Minority and Teacher versus Classmate Relatedness on Academics. She was also the recipient of the 13th Annual Morin Smith Award, for the most promising Student Teacher for 2011-2012.

John G. Dulmage ‘12, VGN Summer Research Fellow 2011, (Dr. Carole Bandy): Detecting Trauma in Soldiers Returning from Recent Combat: Data from Military Veterans and Cadets: A Comparison of Data from 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Mollie Fitzpatrick ’12 (Dr. Carole Bandy): Prevalence of Alcohol Consumption in Collegiate Athletes

Joanie Plamondon ‘ 12 (Dr. Carole Bandy): The Effects of Violent Media on Aggressive Behavior


CJ students (l to r) Kate Flanagan, Lauren Shepheard and Paige Turpin served in a valuable (volunteer) capacity on the registration desk at the Summit on Sexual Violence on April 11, and later were able to participate in the workshops. (photo by CJ Prof David Orrick)


 Faculty Achievements

Criminal Justice

Dr. Travis Morris

Published article Achieving national security: comparing four state security models in Police Practice and Research, Vol. 13, No. 2, April 2012, 121

 Dr. Penny Shtull

Recipient of a Dana Category I Grant awarded annually to regular faculty demonstrating superior scholarship, teaching ability and university service.

-Chaired a panel  “Research on Groups at Risk” at the Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting in Portsmouth, RI in June.


Dr. Diane Byrne

attended the CUR  Social Sciences and Humanities Institute  at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI March 23rd-25th. Topics included, among others,  integrating undergraduate research into the social sciences, community-based undergraduate research, and assessing undergraduate research.

– represented Higher Education for the State of Vermont  at the Change The Equation-STEM Vital Signs Forum  in Washington, DC May 3rd and 4th.  Change the Equation is leading private sector initiatives to help improve STEM teaching and learning in the United States. CTEq member companies are committed to working with states and local communities, which provide over 90 percent of public funding for education, to improve STEM learning.


Dr. Rowland Brucken

Recipient of a Dana Category I Grant awarded annually to regular faculty demonstrating superior scholarship, teaching ability and university service.

Chaired a session on “Nuclear Power” at the Southwestern Social Sciences Association meeting in San Diego and presented the U.S. History Award for best paper at the meeting.

Advisor to Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society. 

Dr. Rowly Brucken met with Magodonga Mahlangu and Jenni Williams, the co-founders of Women of Zimbabwe Arise. These two brave women have been repeatedly arrested and jailed for their human rights advocacy in Zimbabwe.


  Dr. Jack Hayes

Recipient of a 2012 Dana Research Fellowship for Wildfires and Fire Cultures in Modern China: Government, Science and Environment in Chinese History

Dr. Christine McCann

– Recipient of a Fall 2012 Chase Faculty Scholarship Release-Time Award for Response to Desert: Spiritual Mentoring in the Latin West


 Dr. Carole Bandy

 -Recipient of a Fall 2012 Chase Faculty Scholarship Release-Time Award for A Logitudnal Study for Building Resilience to Stress in Freshman Cadets

Dr. Melvin Miller

Attended the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP) Tenth Anniversary Conference in New York City—March 1 – 4, 2012.

-Attended the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry (AAPDP) Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, May 4 – 6, 2012.  Also attended a few sessions at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) meeting that was running concurrently with the AADPD meeting.

Dr. Kurt Peters

– Recipient of the 2012 Dana Research Fellowship and Fall 2012 Chase Faculty Scholarship Release-Time Award for The Asymmetric Influence of Quantification on Dual-Process Cognition.

Recipient of a Dana Category I Grant awarded annually to regular faculty demonstrating superior scholarship, teaching ability and university service.


Dr. Aimee Vieira

-On March 1st gave a Dana Lecture Bursting the Bubble: Recession, Household Survival Strategies & Self Employment in the Rural Recreational Countryside.

Has been invited to contribute chapters to two edited volumes, one titled “Critical Rural Studies” for which I will be completing field work in Quebec’s Eastern Townships in July 2012, and the other “Cross-Cultural Competence: Preparing the US Department of Defense for 21st Century Engagement”, for which I will be conducting final field work at Fort Bragg, NC in June 2012. Both books are expected to be published in Fall 2012.

-Presented a paper entitled “Teaching Introductory Sociology: Student Assessments as Collaborative Learning Events” at the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting in NY, NY in February 2012.

Had a paper “Differential Paths in Trying Economic Times: Neo-Gentrification, Stratification and the Rural Self-Employed in Quebec’s Eastern Townships”

-Accepted for the quadrennial International Rural Sociology Association conference in Lisbon Portugal in August 2012.

 Dr. Wendy Fuller

– is the new Head of the Athena Society, which is working to bring decorated films on gender equality  to campus this semester for its Film and Discussion Series. The first film,  “Cracked Lenses: Inequality and Gender Imagery”  was shown in February. Two mentoring evenings were held in March and April. 

Studies in War and Peace

Dr. Steven Sodergren

in April chaired a panel entitled “Military History and the Lingering Impact of Operations” at the Southwestern Social Sciences Association Meeting in San Diego.


 Isabel Weinger Nielsen, editor

 Copyright June 2012 Norwich University


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